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Mariah Carey - 1 To Infinity Mariah Carey - 1 To Infinity Tracklist: 1)   Vision Of Love   3:29 2)   Love Takes Time   3:49 3)   Emotions   4:08 4)   Ill Be There   4:24 5)   Dreamlover   3:53 6)   Hero   4:17 7)   Without You   3:34 8)   Endless Love   4:18 9)   Fantasy -Bad Boy Fantasy   4:53 10)   One Sweet Day   4:41 11)   Always Be My Baby   4:18 12)   Honey   4:59 13)   My All   3:51 14)   Heartbreaker   4:46 15)   Against All Odds -Take A Look At Me Now   3:21 16)   We Belong Together   3:22 17)   Dont Forget About Us   3:53 18)   Touch My Body   3:27 19)   Infinity   4:00   Companias, etc Phonographic Copyright -p:  Columbia Records Phonographic Copyright -p:  Epic Records Phonographic Copyright -p:  Island Def Jam Music Group Phonographic Copyright -p:  Mariah Carey Copyright -c:  Sony Music Entertainment Distributed By:  Sony Music Entertainment Made By:  Sony Music Entertainment International Services GmbH Mastered At:  Battery Studios, New York Mastered At:  Gateway Mastering Mastered At:  PM Entertainment Recorded At:  Abbey Road Studios Recorded At:  Axis Studios Recorded At:  Capri Digital Studios Recorded At:  Crave Studios Recorded At:  Flyte Tyme Productions, Inc. Recorded At:  The Hit Factory Recorded At:  Honeywest Studios Recorded At:  Kaufman Astoria Studios Recorded At:  Legacy Recording Studios Recorded At:  OHenry Sound Studios Recorded At:  Olympic Studios Recorded At:  Parc Studios Recorded At:  The Plant Studios Recorded At:  Quad Recording Studios Recorded At:  Record One, Los Angeles Recorded At:  Record Plant, Los Angeles Recorded At:  Right Track Recording Recorded At:  Rokstone Studios Recorded At:  Skyline Studios Recorded At:  SouthSide Studios Recorded At:  Triangle Sound Studios Recorded At:  Wallyworld Recorded At:  Windmark Studios -2 Mixed At:  Axis Studios Mixed At:  Crave Studios Mixed At:  Flyte Tyme Productions, Inc. Mixed At:  The Hit Factory Mixed At:  Honeywest Studios Mixed At:  Larrabee North Mixed At:  Ninja Beat Club Mixed At:  Oakshire Recorders Mixed At:  The Plant Studios Mixed At:  Quad Recording Studios Mixed At:  Right Track Recording Mixed At:  Rokstone Studios Mixed At:  Sony Music Studios, New York City Mixed At:  SouthSide Studios Mixed At:  Tarpan Studios Produced For:  Bad Boy Productions, Inc. Produced For:  Blackbaby, Inc. Produced For:  JustEproductions Produced For:  Maroon Entertainment, Inc. Produced For:  No Question Entertainment Produced For:  Radio Killa Records Produced For:  Red Zone Entertainment Produced For:  Seal Music Productions Produced For:  So So Def Productions Produced For:  Untouchables Entertainment Published By:  2082 Music Published By:  ABKCO Music, Inc. Published By:  Aynaw Publishing Published By:  Babyboys Little Publishing Company Published By:  Ballads By Design Music Published By:  Been Jammin Music Published By:  Beyondidolization Published By:  Black Panther Publishing Published By:  BMG Songs Published By:  Brockman Music Published By:  Bug Music Published By:  Charisma Music Publishing Co. Ltd. Published By:  Chrysalis Music Published By:  Cole/Clivillés Music Enterprises Published By:  C Style Ink Published By:  E. Hudson Music, LLC Published By:  Embassy Music Corp. Published By:  EMI Al Gallico Music Corp. Published By:  EMI April Music Inc. Published By:  EMI Blackwood Music Inc. Published By:  EMI Full Keel Music Published By:  EMI Golden Torch Music Corp. Published By:  EMI Songs Ltd. Published By:  EMI Virgin Music, Inc. Published By:  Gratitude Sky Music Published By:  Hip Chic Music Published By:  Imagem Sounds Collins Published By:  Intersong USA, Inc. Published By:  Irving Music, Inc. Published By:  Jazz Merchant Music Published By:  Jobete Music Co., Inc. Published By:  Justin Combs Publishing Published By:  Keep It Simple Stupid Publishing Published By:  Kool Dee Published By:  Lil Lulu Publishing Published By:  March 9th Publishing Published By:  Metered Music, Inc. Published By:  Mister Johnsons Jams Music Inc. Published By:  Naked Under My Clothes Published By:  Noontime South Published By:  PGP Music Published By:  PolyGram International Publishing, Inc. Published By:  Rye Songs Published By:  Seal Music Published By:  See No Evil Music Published By:  Shaniah Cymone Music Published By:  Shawn Patrick Publishing Published By:  Slide That Music Published By:  Songs Of Peer Published By:  Songs of Universal, Inc. Published By:  Sony/ATV Melody Published By:  Sony / ATV Music Publishing Published By:  Sony/ATV Songs LLC Published By:  Sparko Phone Music Published By:  Spirit One Music Published By:  Steven A. Jordan Music Published By:  Stone Jam Publishing Published By:  Taylortotts Music Published By:  Universal/MCA Music Ltd. Published By:  Universal Music Publishing Ltd. Published By:  Universal Music-Z Songs Published By:  Universal Tunes Published By:  Vanderpool Publishing Published By:  Vision Of Love Songs Published By:  Wallyworld Music Published By:  Warner/Chappell North America Ltd. Published By:  Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp. Published By:  WB Music Corp. Published By:  WB Music Publishing Published By:  When Worlds Collide Códigos e identificadores Barcode:     8 88751 02552 3 Matrix / Runout:     A0102503630-0101 01 Mastering SID Code:     IFPI LY33 Mould SID Code:     IFPI AEW48 Label Code:     LC 00162 Rights Society:     BIEM / GEMA  
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Mariah Carey - 1 To Infinity
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Michael Jackson - Invincible Michael Jackson - Invincible Tracklist: 1)   Unbreakable   6:25 2)   Heartbreaker   5:10 3)   Invincible   4:45 4)   Break Of Dawn   5:32 5)   Heaven Can Wait   4:49 6)   You Rock My World   5:39 7)   Butterflies   4:40 8)   Speechless   3:18 9)   2000 Watts   4:24 10)   You Are My Life   4:33 11)   Privacy   5:05 12)   Dont Walk Away   4:25 13)   Cry   5:01 14)   The Lost Children   4:00 15)   Whatever Happens   4:56 16)   Threatened   4:19   Companias, etc Copyright -c:  MJJ Productions Inc. Phonographic Copyright -p:  MJJ Productions Inc. Distributed By:  Sony Music Mastered At:  Bernie Grundman Mastering Pressed By:  Sony Music Copyright -c:  Mijac Music Copyright -c:  Sony/ATV Songs LLC Copyright -c:  Uncle James Music Copyright -c:  Universal Music Corporation Copyright -c:  Jat Cat Music Publishing, Inc. Copyright -c:  Dirty Dre Music Copyright -c:  Zomba Songs Inc. Copyright -c:  R. Kelly Publishing, Inc. Recorded At:  The Hit Factory Criteria Recorded At:  Marvins Room Recorded At:  Record Plant, Los Angeles Recorded At:  Future Recording Studios Recorded At:  Sony Music Studios, New York City Recorded At:  Record One, Los Angeles Recorded At:  A Touch Of Jazz Studios Recorded At:  The Hit Factory Recorded At:  Brandons Way Recording Recorded At:  Darkchild Studios Recorded At:  Capitol Studios Recorded At:  Barking Doctor Recording Mixed At:  Marvins Room Mixed At:  Brandons Way Recording Mixed At:  The Hit Factory Criteria Códigos e identificadores Barcode:  Scanned   5099749517424 Barcode:  Text   5 099749 517424 Label Code:     LC 00199 Rights Society:     BIEM/SACEM/SACD/SDRM/SGDL Matrix / Runout:  Variant 1   S4951742000-0101 11 D1 Mastering SID Code:  Variant 1   IFPI L551 Mould SID Code:  Variant 1   IFPI 94V3 Matrix / Runout:  Variant 2   S4951742000-0101 25 B3 Mastering SID Code:  Variant 2   IFPI L555 Mould SID Code:  Variant 2   IFPI 941R Matrix / Runout:  Variant 3   S4951742000-0101 25 B6 Matrix / Runout:  Variant 3, Mould   * Mastering SID Code:  Variant 3   IFPI L555 Mould SID Code:  Variant 3   IFPI 946A Matrix / Runout:  Variant 4   S4951742000-0101 25 D1 Mastering SID Code:  Variant 4   IFPI L555 Mould SID Code:  Variant 4   IFPI 946P Matrix / Runout:  Variant 5   Sony Music S4951742000-0101 101 A03 Mastering SID Code:  Variant 5   IFPI L551 Mould SID Code:  Variant 5   IFPI 946T Matrix / Runout:  Variant 6   Sony Music S4951742000-0101 94 A04 Mastering SID Code:  Variant 6   IFPI L554 Mould SID Code:  Variant 6   IFPI 944Q Matrix / Runout:  Variant 7   Sony Music S4951742000-0101 11 C2 Mastering SID Code:  Variant 7   IFPI L551 Mould SID Code:  Variant 7   IFPI 944P Matrix / Runout:  Variant 8   Sony Music S4951742000-0101 101 A02 Mould SID Code:  Variant 8   IFPI 94K6 Matrix / Runout:  Variant 9   Sony Music S4951742000-0101 43 B7 Mastering SID Code:  Variant 9   IFPI L553 Mould SID Code:  Variant 9   IFPI 948P Matrix / Runout:  Variant 10   Sony Music S4951742000-0101 11 B1 Mastering SID Code:  Variant 10   IFPI L551 Mould SID Code:  Variant 10   IFPI 945O Matrix / Runout:  Variant 11   Sony Music S4951742000-0101 11 C5 Mastering SID Code:  Variant 11   IFPI L551 Mould SID Code:  Variant 11   IFPI 946B Matrix / Runout:  Variant 12   Sony Music S4951742000-0101 11 C2 Mastering SID Code:  Variant 12   IFPI L551 Mould SID Code:  Variant 12   IFPI 947P Matrix / Runout:  Variant 13   Sony Music S4951742000-0101 11 C5 Mastering SID Code:  Variant 13   IFPI L551 Mould SID Code:  Variant 13   IFPI 946R  
5.0 stars, based on 5 review 58.00
Michael Jackson - Invincible
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